How Does Vinegar Help You Lose Weight

Consuming natural apple cider vinegar every day can make it easier for you to slim down. Using apple cider vinegar has lots of good qualities that include high potassium and also an alkaline-forming impact to the body.

This is truly good because high acid inside the body may establish an out of balance body chemistry. Just like acid in lemons, the vinegar made from apple is an acidic compound that alkalizes the system, reported by “The Miracle of Fasting.” Consuming it regularly will help detoxify the system, stabilize blood sugar, suppress hunger, and accelerate weight reduction as well.

Step 1

Mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of organic vinegar, 1 tablespoons of honey and 6 to 8oz of distilled water. “The Miracle of Fasting” suggests drinking this cocktail 3 to 5 times each day. You can even substitute the honey with stevia extract, a healthy natural sweetener that is a perfect option for diabetics and people that need to avoid sugar.

Step 2

Take a vinegar drink when jogging, or before consuming your first meal. The book “The Miracle of Fasting” states that this drink can provide you with energy and enable your body to process toxins and get rid off them safely. That is a terrific way to begin every day with balance and energy.

Step 3

Consume a vinegar drink before each meal. Using apple cider vinegar can fix digestion and acid reflux problems. Moreover, this is the natural hunger suppressant and could assist in preventing over eating. On top of that, drink a full twelve to sixteen oz glass of water each time you eat to speed up metabolic rate.

Step 4

Enjoy your drink when eating. Blending together a vinegar drink with ice is the way to go. Add a tablespoon or 2 of goji juice, acai or pomegranate to obtain the added advantage of detoxifying and energizing antioxidants. Apple cider vinegar, especially, will help keep sugar levels steady, keeping the fat storage.

Step 5

Use vinegar along with a 1 to 3 day fast. The book “Apple Cider Vinegar” suggests this for speeding up weight reduction. Eat veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts instead of starving yourself. The vinegar drink can help with the suppression of hunger and keeping you energized. Read also about FDA approved weight loss pills on our website.