Truths About Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Ask people that you know what causes weight gain. I am sure you will find the answers given to me both entertaining and misleading.

It’s as simple as this; weight gain comes from consuming more calories than we burn. Another way to put this would be to say we consume more food than we digest.

But food is necessary to live; it directly affects our health. That is a simple enough statement. Our health is a direct result of the food we eat.

Marketing and advertising of the weight loss industry is very often is leading. Weight loss companies suggest that we purchase their products labeled as diet. We are then led to believe that if we consume such products we are actually following a diet.

Sadly, if you take a minute to consider the consumers in your grocery store you will find that most of the individuals in the diet foods section are overweight while the individuals found in the fresh food section are in much better physical condition.

The reason for this is there is little success to be found in a low calorie diet. If your body is shocked into a significant decrease in calories it will go into emergency starvation mode and actually retain all of your calories to store as fat because it believes it will need the energy later.

Actually, a little fat in our diet is needed. Many of our vital organs are fatty organs and require a skin layer of fat around. Therefore, a consumer should be cost is a foods labeled low-fat.

Such foods can actually cause more harm than good because it is likely these products add other fats such as trans-fats. Trans fats maybe I’m saturated but they cause more damage to the body long-term.

Additionally, many diet soft drinks are dangerous. These drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners that actually promote weight gain.

Diet drinks are dangerous! The best advice anyone could take is to avoid all diet drinks. These drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners and often have zero calories.

They cause rapid weight gain! Consumption of extra sweet diet soft drinks sends inappropriate messages to your organs causing your body to produce additional insulin that isn’t needed.

Our bodies create insulin to react with sugar stored so our bodies can use it as energy. Since artificial sweeteners don’t contain any sugar the insulin created just waits. Then when you do consume sugar the insulin doesn’t react as it should because it is now and sleep mode.

At that point what happens is sugar stored in the blood stream becomes fat or stored energy, because the body doesn’t need it and saves it for later. This will result in weight gain and can escalate into diabetes if we’re not careful.

Additionally, a healthy metabolism is also important. In fact, it doesn’t matter how healthy the food we eat is. If our metabolism is not a healthy one we cannot digest this food properly and energy will not be used in the way our bodies need.

As we get older the enzymes in our metabolism and digestive systems reduce. As food is digested these enzymes are used to provide ourselves with nutrients needed for our bodies to achieve the process is it must go through on a daily bases. Furthermore, these enzymes assist our immune system to keep us alive and healthy.