Picking the Right Toddler Boy Haircut

A great way to make your little one stand out is to get a haircut that suits his personality. With so many options available, it can be a challenge to select the right hairstyle for your toddler boy.

For a rebellious look, try the faux hawk. It’s perfect for kids who are bold and adventurous.


The mop-top haircut is a nice in-between look for toddler boys with curly hair who do not want either long or short styles. This works best for little boys who have naturally thick, wavy hair and whose locks land clean around the ears and neck.

To get a style like this, you should cut the sides at about an inch while the top blends up to two or three inches long. Use scissors and a comb plus a finger technique for measuring the length up top to ensure your son’s locks are long enough without looking too short.

The mop-top is one of the most classic and never goes out of style haircuts for children. It is also a low maintenance style and requires very little product application to keep it looking great.


The faux-hawk haircut is a great choice for toddler boys who like to keep their hair short and stylish. It can be a fun alternative to the mop top or even a classic fringe.

Aside from edgy looks, this type of hairstyle also helps toddlers keep their long, thick locks neat and tidy. This haircut is suitable for both straight and curly hair.

Depending on your kid’s hair length, stand-alone clippers or scissors may be necessary to create this look. Styling will require a little bit of gel or mousse for added texture and dimension.

The side-parted quiff fade is a perfect haircut for kids who want a clean, polished look. It features taper fade sides and a sharp, shaved hard part along the scalp.

Side part

If you want to give your toddler boy a classic haircut, try the side part. It works great with fine hair and looks effortlessly cool for little gentlemen.

For a more textured look, use gel or pomade to mold it into a point or let it hang free for a casual rocker look.

This haircut is also a good choice for toddler boys with thick and wavy hair. To maintain the look, brush it back and apply baby oil to keep it looking fresh.

This cut is the perfect complement to a quiff or fade. It gives your little guy the polished look he needs for important events like birthday parties or proms.

Tapered sides

The tapered sides haircut is a popular choice for toddler boys with medium length hair. It’s an excellent in-between look that offers a smooth, textured finish.

This haircut also suits little boys with curly hair, as it tames their curls and makes them look neat and tidy.

For this style to work well, you’ll need a number 2 or 3 clipper head for the top part and a number 6 or 7 clipper head on the back and sides.

The barber will buzz the side sections short to create a faux hawk effect, leaving a central section longer. You’ll need a small amount of pomade or gel to create the spiky strands.

Classic fringe

The classic fringe is a great way to add an eye-catching flair to your child’s hairdo. It’s a great option for highlighting your toddler’s facial features and can be paired with just about any haircut.

It’s also a good choice for asymmetrical face shapes, like those with a round or oblong profile. “A well-chosen fringe can help create symmetry, which will open up the face,” says celebrity stylist George Northwood.

It’s a no-fuss look that suits both straight and curly hair types. You can comb the sides flat and leave the top long, or you can add some volume to the front section with gel or pomade.