Add to The Diet: 3 Products That Will Help Remove Excess Fluid From The Body

Remove excess fluid: Why does the body swell?remove excess fluid

The first reason why the legs and face swell regularly is a disruption of the kidneys. Because of this, food and salt are delayed in the body. Here you will not be helped by any special products, you should ask for help from specialists. Read more: 5 phrases that you should never tell a person on a diet

Hormonal disorders also often cause swelling. For example, the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, and special substances are formed in the blood that traps salt and water. In this case, you should contact the endocrinologist.

If swelling worries you for a long time, do not self-medicate, but be sure to consult a specialist.

If you know that your swelling is a small amount of constant fluid, or if you consume a lot of salt and salty foods – pay attention to these three products.

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Ideally, it is green, unprocessed buckwheat. Although this one is brewed many times longer, its nutritional value is much higher, and, accordingly, efficiency. This group helps to remove toxins from the body and also works the stomach and the whole gastrointestinal tract, so people suffering from such diseases will be useful to know about these properties. By the way, it’s best not to cook buckwheat, but pour it with boiling water and make up for the night, thus saving more useful substances.

Parsleyremove excess fluid

Parsley not only helps to establish metabolic processes in the body but also helps to remove excess fluid. And a big plus is that the green does not lose its useful properties, even when frozen, heat treated or long-term storage. To remove excess fluid from the body, you should add greens to your daily diet in salads or make a special mood 200 grams of parsley pour a liter of hot water and drink infusion during the day.

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Bulgarian pepperremove excess fluid

This vegetable contains a lot of potassium. It helps to remove puffiness, quickly remove excess fluid from the body and salt. By the way, salt is the main cause of edema. Also, nutritionists recommend using pepper in baked form. It is after heat treatment that it gives a cleaning effect.