Always maintain a Good Immune System – How to go about it

A weak immune system always draws in various diseases and ailments. Whenever a person’s resistance power grows weak towards infections, the outcome is a weak immune system.

Factors like surgeries, various drug therapies, viral or common bacterial infections, athletic over-training, sleep loss, and emotional and physical stress may often develop a weak immune system.

Causes behind a weak immune system:

  • Blood transfusions.
  • Chemical exposures like radiations.

Your immune system might just help in reconstructing cells that have been infected and damaged. All you need to do is to consume lots of walnuts, cashews, soya beans, lean meat, eggs, yogurt, low fat milk and other food which are rich in protein, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Herbal Remedies for strengthening your Immune System:

Vitamin C is one of the key components in berries, Chinese cabbage, oranges and kiwi fruits – the ability of your body to resist such common infections and viruses increase when you consume more of such foods. Try them out on your own.

Pearl barley, garlic and diet chlorella should be included in your diet. Your immune system benefits from germanium which is a trace element contained in these foods. For the functional integrity of your immune system you may use vitamin C, riboflavin, protein, carotene, iron, calcium and iodine contained in giant red kelp.

In order to restore the balance between acid and alkali within your body you may use Lemon. It is certainly a good source.

Add water in sufficient proportion to the lemon juice that you just squeezed out. Once you drink such a juice of lemon solution, your body becomes more capable of destroying and surviving harmful viruses, as its internal climate is properly maintained through a required PH level.

The avocado contains vitamin E, protein and fatty acids that help boost your immune system to a great extent.

You immune systems always need to maintain a good balance through supplement that works to improve immune health. In order to support your immune system, you’ll need to maintain proper diet and an effective nutrition.