A Custom Style and Hairstyle with Long Hair Gels

Garnier Fructis Style range

The Garnier brand offers a range of styling products with the ability to create hairstyles that take 24 hours. Camouflage Gel Tube based acacia is ultra fix ant.

This treatment is undetectable for a natural look. It applies especially targeting the finger tips. For those who like the style “wet look” Garnier styling product offers Wet Shine.

To use it, you take a small amount is applied on wet or damp hair. We then sculpts fingers. This gel has the particularity of not sticking and leave no residue.

The result is impeccable with a wet look effect and a brightness maximum. Gel Tube provides ultra setting attachment for 24 h, ideal for a style or a tousled look out of control.

Styling products by L’Oreal

L’Oreal has quite revolutionary hair care that combines styling gel and anti-dandruff treatment. Clear Fix Gel with the styling has never been so easy and dandruff are eliminated.

It applies just the hair cut and carve. Her outfit is long lasting and leaves no residue. To create a wet, care L’Oreal fixed Wet the hair gently while providing a soft touch.

It is advisable to apply a slightly damp or dry hair in the direction root-tip. Then we go back in your hands wet hair for a flexible attachment and a gloss finish.

For sports or have a hectic lifestyle, the L’Oreal gel strength is Strong 6. It is used on dry hair, styling is done by global or strand by strand.

Gels Styling Corine the farms

Corine the farms brand offers two types of styling product. The strong hold styling gel ensures a perfect fit throughout the day thanks to its binding agents.

The Styling Gel Ultra fort this extract silk proteins which guarantees strength and shine to hair. At the same time, he respects their natural balance without leaving any residue.

These treatments for hair apply on wet or dry hair. For the hair, use a comb or fingers. The Natural Styling Gel is the perfect setting to create a custom style.

With a very natural setting, it guarantees impeccable for 24 hours and removes easily without making brushing dandruff. In terms of composition, Corine the farms gel contains no parable or phenolphthalein.