Herbal Remedies for Anxiety: Are You Aware of Such Remedies?

There are a number of daily events that add to your worries regardless of any specific reason, and it often results in anxiety.

Incase you’re suffering from anxiety; you can’t just stop worrying all of a sudden and can’t help expecting sudden disaster in life.

Once that happens, you’ll think about a lot of things in a negative way and try to relate them to your own life. Your real concerns will often include family or business, money, school or health. It is known as GAD.

Under such circumstances, you often imagine unrealistic possibilities or happenings that go beyond proportion through different situations.

You may remain occupied with dread, fear or unwanted worries. It takes a toll on your relationships, daily life and work.

Environmental factors, brain chemistry and genetics are often the most common causes of anxiety. You might simply develop anxiety if it’s somehow associated with your family history.

In the event it gets imbalanced or is unable to function properly due to any problem with the neurotransmitters, it often results in anxiety.

Key environmental factors like ‘stresses’ may also be held responsible for it. You might also suffer from anxiety if you were addicted to a few things earlier (e.g. nicotine, caffeine, alcohol etc), and then withdrew such addiction all of a sudden.

There are several known signs of anxiety e.g. tension, extra regular worrying, irritability, soft headache, muscle tensions, restlessness and feeling edgy, views associated with imagination, sweating in excess, frequent bowel movements, unwanted urination, nausea, trembling, tiredness in excess and lapse of concentration. These are some of the major symptoms.

Anxiety reciprocated well with different forms of herbal treatments. Herbal remedies are also recommended for going well without any side-effects. A few such herbal remedies for anxiety have been discussed below:

  1. The upset of gastrointestinal gets reduced with the consumption of fennel tea, and it also lowers anxiety. Use this herbal tea consistently if you want to get rid of anxiety.
  2. Anxiety is also reduced by catnip tea. It offers a soothing effect, and relieves anxiety if you’re using catnip tea on a regular basis.
  3. Motherwort tincture lowers your level of anxiety, and turns you jovial. If you use it in the shape of capsules, it will offer a calming effect and your emotions will be stabilized.

Your depression may also get eased out by tincture and skullcap capsules. It sets you free from anxiety, and restores your emotional stability. You anxiety may also be reduced with the use of herbal oils.