Health Benefits of Pineapples

Pineapples are also known as Annanas in India. Pineapples are one of the most popular vibrant tropical flavor fruit. Pineapples are delicious, sweet, tangy and juicy in taste, sometimes it may be a little bit sour.

Pineapples are rich in nutrients like Fiber, Vitamins C and B complex, Manganese, Copper, Potassium, Calcium, Antioxidants, Bromelaina and Cysteine Proteinases, which makes it healthiest fruit for health.

It is used as raw or juice or in the various food preparations in India. Pineapples are many health benefits to our body like skin glowing, oral health, fight against bacteria and lots more, which can be checked at below:

  1. Pineapples juice is very healthy for your kidneys to prevent the stones (While I am suffering from kidney stones my Doctor also suggest me to drink pineapple juice in my daily intakes and I started that which results the dissolution of kidney stones), worms and bacteria, so it is good for our intestinal disorders due to the presence of Bromelain and also helps in hemorrhoids as well as colitis.
  2. Its juice helps to absorb the iron in the body due to the high value of antioxidants and maintain the natural water balance in the body and also helps in weight gain due to full of vitamin C. It also improves the immune system and respiratory system.
  3. Pineapple juice is very beneficial for women’s health. It provides relief in Painful periods and reduce the excessive water during pregnancy & menstruation.
  4. The presence of Bromelain helps with cold, asthma, sinusitis treatment, bronchitis and sore throat because of the high power of digest proteins.
  5. They are very low in fat and cholesterol so they count in the low calorie food for weight watchers.
  6. Its juice helps to fight infections and reducing the muscle pain or swelling after sprains.
  7. Its juice helps to improve blood circulation and also increase the oxygen level in blood to prevent the formation of blood clots or thrombosis.
  8. Pineapple is also relief in depression or anxiety and a great mood-lifter. It also helps in sharpening the brain and good for memory loss & melancholy.
  9. Pineapple having a large amount of manganese, which helps to strengthen the bones because the presence of manganese in pineapple is sufficient for human body for connective tissues and bone development.
  10. It is good for oral health due to the presence of vitamin C, which helps to reduce the risks of periodontal diseases, gingivitis and makes strong and healthy gums.
  11. Pineapple enzymes help in skin elasticity, improve skin hydration and remove damaged and dead cells.
  12. It also helps to reduce the hypertension and high blood pressure due to the presence of potassium and sodium which helps to lower the blood pressure and not permitting the cholesterol to get oxidized which caused heart attack & strokes.

In Brief pineapples are many other health benefits like anti-inflammatory properties, macular degeneration, protects from free radicals, preventing colon, gout, prostate cancer and stomach cancers, bowel disease and production of hemoglobins and much more. So if you are suffering from any of the above said problems then start eating pineapples regularly.