Hair Care in Case of Sea Salt, Sun and Chlorine Sea Salt

Free and uncombed hair styles and cuts to celebrate the summer

Summer! Celebrate the season with a hot haircut that emphasizes the feeling of freedom and why not sensuality characteristic of these months.

It’s time to change your look for excellence. No matter if you have long hair, short or medium hair, natural hairstyles are most suitable for the holidays.

‘Less time to spend with their hair and more to the holidays!’, This is the valuable advice of Doriana Spedicato, hair & make-up artist at the salon Dadori, Milan, who we interviewed on hair, summer and sun.

Hairstyles and hair cuts natural to feel free

Holidays are meant to be free in every sense. Free from work, free of commitments, including a free look too combed and ‘normal’ which is fine for the office but certainly not for the languid days at sea.

‘Council to find a hair salon with your freestyle and easy to handle, says Doriana Spedicato. ‘Opt for a cut and for a look that requires little time and attention.

During the year goes well keep up the hair, but in summer a woman must be beautiful, natural, and with the right look by using the right products. In summer, it takes little.

The tanning and relaxation you can make beautiful, beautiful, with a naturalness that during the year we can only dream of. The same should naturally go in cutting and hairstyles that bring in the summer. ‘

Hair in the wind

To the sea are good hairstyles that do not need too many folds’, says Doriana. ‘In fact, the cuts are so untidy, to be free, is that short, medium and even long.

If during the year we tend to prefer the very clean cut, well defined, and groups of helmets or very linear, and in summer it tends to climb a lot, to give more freedom to shape the hair.

In fact, I abolisco the fringes in the summer. Already in April the Board to make grow the bangs, the bangs in the summer because it sticks to the face, creates problems when the band put the fringe is easily disordered.

Look at the hair salon with a cut that gives the hair a soft form and is capable of also free to wear their hair brushed and wind without others’ intervention ‘industrious.’

A new look for those who dare!

Summer is also the time par excellence for a new look. If you love experimenting then this is the time for a new cut.

who knows maybe even shorter! ‘The holidays are ideal for a change to get used to the new cut because during the holidays as a time of liberation we are more relaxed and therefore more likely to change.

In summer I like such as short cuts’, says Doriana Spedicato. ‘I’d rather see a nice short cut led to a natural, perhaps even disheveled, instead of long hair tied in a ponytail.

The colors and the sun. Before the holidays we want a darker shade

During the holidays we want to be beautiful, seductive, perfect. That’s why I often decide to tweak the color just before leaving. ‘The sun loves to hate blond and dark colors,’ says Doriana Spedicato.

‘The blond at sea becomes even more blond and very often even more beautiful. When you make the highlights before the holidays by the sea, do not overdo it, Make it maybe a few less because the sun does the rest.

Not only lightens the hair bleached and treated but also the natural base and therefore the result is a hair clearer in its entirety.

Even the brown and red ‘, recommended Doriana,’ do well to keep the color a bit ‘darker before leaving. Personally I tend to darken the tone of color that I apply the formula, usually because experience teaches that when you arrive to the sea you will lighten your hair at once. ‘

Styling and hair care during the holidays

If you choose, as recommended Doriana, leaving for the holidays with a cut natural and relaxed, then you can leave home quietly fohn and the plate.

Do not be needed anymore! ‘But ‘, it is recommended Doriana, ‘do not forget to pack some good hair products. Hair should be adequately protected against the harmful effects of sun, salt and chlorine in a swimming pool.

Opt for very moisturizing and protective oils that cause the sea water or chlorine in a swimming pool float away. Generally the products a little ‘more oily give greater protection. They are able to wrap the hair, thus avoiding that the salt or the chlorine penetrate into the hair.

‘A no-no to the sea is used to tie the hair immediately after a dip in the pool or beach without having first secured and rinsed my hair.

Tying her hair soaked in salt or chlorine will corrode everything great. Tie your hair does not help protect them. If you use a good oil, you can also wear your hair loose.

Obviously a hat that goes well beyond protecting your hair from sea water and swimming pool, also protects from high heat and direct sunlight.