10 Golden Rules of a Detoxification Diet

You feel heavy and lacking in tone? No wonder: you’re at the end of the holiday season, and accumulated toxins in the diet and physical inactivity start to see. To start a 2011 in shape, requires a detoxifying diet!

1. Start at the right time

Based on the principle of food restriction, detox diet requires a strong will. It is therefore important to start, with few physical and intellectual demands.

2. Respect and principles

Less drastic than fasting, detox is an alternative to it, allowing the body to remove toxins, improve health, revitalization and beautification of skin. Avoid alcohol, coffee, nicotine and other toxins. Favors foods known for their detoxifying: apple, avocado, beets, cabbage, garlic, kiwi, algae.

3. Drinks

Drink plenty of water in various forms: carbonated, tea, soups, broth, fruit juice (only 100% natural). On awakening, begin your day with a glass of water.

4. No refined foods

Skip the butter, cheese and white bread, eat whole foods instead, but even those in moderation. Sugar should be substituted with honey.

5. Eat foods cooked “al dente”

Glycemic index food that actually means the ability to produce sugar. It depends on the food, but also the way of cooking. For example, a raw carrot has a glycemic index of 25, but reached 90 when cooking. So what you need is to reduce cooking time. Soup – Vegetable soups are all conceivable. They contain important vitamins and minerals, also appease your hunger.

6. Massage

Make your massage once a week, after bathing, with significant movement to speed up elimination of toxins by stimulating circulation.

7. Breathe deeply

Deep breathing helps to supply more oxygen and blood to clean up such organs and glands. Better regulate the diaphragm and helps to remedy aerofagia.

8. Adopt good hygiene

Sports can help you burn fat and blood sugar produced by digestion. In addition to making your body stronger, sports help to eliminate toxins. In addition, try to sleep well and to respect your sleep rhythm.

9. Full of vitamins

Indispensable for regaining muscle tone and vitality, vitamins A, C, E, and omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely necessary to strengthen the immune system, memory, to fight skin aging and cardiovascular health preservation.

10. Do not overdo detoxification

You can use these tips throughout the entire year, but not for long periods because detox diets are very restrictive. Keep them limited duration, or else you risk to get sick!