Fitness During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is carrying of one or more offspring inside the womb of a woman. Fitness during pregnancy is very important.

Being fit is important for anybody but fitness at the time of pregnancy is more important for a woman. If a woman keeps herself fit during the tenure of the pregnancy it can further reduce the complication at the time of delivery.

One more advantage of keeping yourself fit is that losing weight becomes much easier after delivering the baby.

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

A women needs to do exercise in order to stay fit throughout the pregnancy. Although you may not want to run a marathon but still a pregnant women should do exercise to remain fit.

However, before started doing any kind of exercise, you should always consult your gynae for the same. If your health condition allows you to do exercise, this would help you:

  • Feel Better: Exercise enables you to boost your energy level. It further increases the sense of control. The exercise which you do helps you:
    • Getting relieve from backaches
    • Improves posture by toning your back muscles and thighs.
    • Reducing constipation
    • Helps in lubricating fluid of your joints
    • Helps in sleeping you better as exercise helps in relieving stress and anxiety
  • Looks Better: By doing regular exercise you tend to get a healthy glow on your face as blood flows through your skin
  • Helps your body to prepare for birth: Regular exercise helps you to prepare your body for giving birth to a baby. The labor pains, which you face at the time of delivery, are eased as the exercises make your muscles strong and your heart fit.
  • Regain pre-pregnancy body quickly: if you exercise properly as guided by your physician, you will tend to gain less fat weight at the time of pregnancy.
  • Lowers the risk of complication: By doing regular exercises at the time of pregnancy you tend to lower the risk of any type of complication at the time of pregnancy.
  • Avoids Gaining unnecessary weight during pregnancy: One tends to eat more at the time of pregnancy. However, one should eat as much required.