Effective and Fool-Proof Tips for Eyebrow Grooming

Eyebrow grooming is one of the most important beauty processes that is needed to make you look great. Clean, well-shaped eyebrows can significantly alter the way you look and take you from an unkempt and primal level to a chic and sophisticated look.

Many people tend to overlook the importance and the fundamentals behind eyebrow grooming and wonder endlessly what is going wrong with their looks. To make sure that you are not neglecting an equally important make-up ritual, here are some tips to have the perfect looking eyebrows.

The Shape That Best Suits You

Before setting out towards the journey of eyebrow grooming, it is important that you first try to find out which eyebrow shape best suits the type of face you have.

The shape you admire might not necessarily go well with your face type. Different shapes can have different effects on the face.

For instance, arched eyebrows generally define and accentuate facial features, while round shaped eyebrows can give a softer and more innocent look.

There are new rage curved eyebrows that are notable and easy to spot, while there are flat ones which are chosen as a last resort if no other shapes are possible. Extremely thin eyebrows have also been increasingly popular.

It is very vital that you choose the right shape depending on what your facial features need. Oval faces can carry almost any shape, but curved ones can look exceptional. Round faces might need some sharpness and some edges so arch eyebrows can work best. Square and rectangular faces can do well with round eyebrows.

Eyebrow Size and Shape

Try to make sure that your eyebrows are not too thick or too long, and no unibrows please. You should want people to see the beginning and end of your brows from a distance. If your brows are thin on the end, fill it with a good grow shadow and brush.

The rule for brow length is that it should start in line with the inner eye and continue to the outer corner. Any additional hair between the eyes or past the outer corner would have to go. In general, a slight arch right about the middle of the brow can be flattering.


The most useful of eyebrow grooming strategies is trimming. Tweezing can be easy to do and can be quite painless, as long as you grab the hair and not the skin.

When you trim, the main trick is not to take more than necessary. It is best to draw an imaginary line and tweeze only below it.

Remember, too that the root of a brow hair may be below the line, but the other end might still be a part of the shape you would want to keep. Be careful when selecting hairs for tweezing.

If you regularly have to tweeze, you might want to consider having a bit of your eyebrow hair removed through waxing. It is fast and affordable and you can avoid unwanted accidents by letting your professional salon do the work for you.


Now that you have groomed your eyebrows, pay some attention to them when applying makeup. Use a small brush to groom the eyebrows up so they don’t tend o hang below your arch and to keep them neat. You can also use a light clear mascara to coat and hold them in place, giving your brows a finished look.

Having the perfect eyebrows is actually simple to do but might need some getting used to, for some. But eyebrow grooming is indispensable if you want to look natural and great everyday.