Five Alternative Steps to Eyebrow Arching

Eyebrow arching can be done through a process called eyebrow threading. The eyebrows are one of the most prominent parts of the face and giving it some arch can make a big positive effect on your facial features.

Threading became increasingly popular these days because it has been seen to be more precise and is able to produce a beautiful and uniform eyebrow shape. Eyebrow arching is also more gently than waxing or tweezing.

Expert Advice

Eyebrow arching can be very crucial so it is best not to try it out yourself. Trying it on your own without expert guidance will potentially lead to a disaster. You might end up with unnatural looking brows, or worse, you an have different arches on each eye!

But you can try working on what you have and beautify it. To do this, you can follow the following step-by-step guide to achieve the beautiful eyebrows you want:

1. Combing the brows

You can start by combing your eyebrows upward and away towards your hairline using a spiral brush. Using Armando’s Spiral Brush is highly recommended. Doing this would tidy up your brows for easy trimming.

2. Mark your brows

Mark some color into your brows by using a flat shadow or brow pencil that has a shade darker than your brow hair color, if your hair is light, and a lighter shade if otherwise. Make sure that the marks you will later place will be visible to you.

3. Mark where the brow begins

To find out where your brow should begin, use your brow pencil and place it along the edge of your nose and try to connect this point to the inside corner of your corresponding eye. The line this makes is the point where your brow should begin.

4. Mark where the brow ends

On the other hand, to know where your eyebrow should end, hold the brow pencil to the same edge of the nose but this time, connect this point to the corresponding outer corner of the eye. Continuing along that line will lead you to the point where your brow should end.

5. Tweeze away

Once you have established the start and end point, tweeze away any hair that do not happen to fall into these lines. Make sure that you select the hair carefully, as some hairs might have their roots outside the mark but its opposite end is necessary to maintain the arch or the shape you want.

Doing these five steps may not lead you to an all-new arch, but it would definitely beautify the one that you have now.

Remember that eyebrow arching can lead to unpleasant results so it is best not to take the risk by trying it yourself, work on and beautify what you have now instead. But if you want to go get that perfect arch, you can always have it done by an eyebrow arching professional nearest you.