Look Your Best with Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

If you’re born with brown eyes, then you’re lucky; there are many makeup ideas for brown eyes. Unlike blue eyes and green eyes, where the colors can be pretty limited, there’s almost no end to the choices of colors you have if you have brown eyes.

This could be because brown is already a very strong color. You can go thick, and you don’t have to worry about having it completely covered or overshadowed by your makeup. On the other hand, you can wear very light makeup especially during daytime, and you can still see the brownness of the eyes pop up.

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Nevertheless, you’re still interested to know the different eye makeup ideas for brown eyes, so let’s begin. If you have brown eyes, you can actually select three shades and combine all of them to come up with a more distinct makeup tint to apply to your eyes. You also have the choice whether to go for the neutral shades such as the browns and taupes.

It’s also possible to pick something darker, like those that are close to the shades of pink. You can also have smokey eyes, thanks to the gray eyeshadows. The same suggestions normally apply if you want makeup ideas for brown eyes and brown hair.

But what if you’re blonde? You really don’t have to worry. You can still make use of mascara and eyeliner. However, you need to select those that are quite darker, perhaps very brown or almost black. This way, you can still emphasize the eyes.

There are also make up ideas for hazel eyes. Hazel eyes are special since their color can be anywhere between green and blue, gray, and brown. Usually, if you put on more brown shades to your eyeshadow it’s highly likely that the light green or the light blue will more or less look like brown eyes.

You can also have some fun when it comes to the colors. In fact, you can wear metallic hues, such as gold and bronze. You need the latter especially if you want the lids or the corners of the eyes to shimmer or sparkle.

Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes during the Wedding

You basically have some few ideas on the types of looks you can pursue during your big day. Nevertheless, the general rule when it comes to fixing yourself up during a wedding is to look as natural as possible. You want to look very fresh and young to the groom, as well as to your guests. Thus, you may need to tone down your makeup.

If you have some reservations on how to apply the makeup, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Hire a professional makeup and hair artist.

Gather Up More Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

There are also cute makeup ideas for brown eyes. You can play along with red and pink, especially if you want to be very bold with your makeup approach. The only problem is you cannot wear them when you go to the office. There are also others that add Swarovski crystals or glitters on the eyelids.

When you need more good, new, and cool tips on how to apply makeup on brown eyes, look for them online.