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Chinese Materia Medica(2)

1. Herbs for Relieving Exterior Syndromes (Pungent and Warm)

1) ephedra

2) cinnamon twig

3) schizonepeta

4) ledebouriella root

5) perilla leaf

6) fresh ginger

7) notopterygium root

8) dahurian angelica root

9) chinese lovage root

10) spring onion

11) magnolia flower

2. Herbs for Relieving Exterior Syndromes (Pungent and Cool)

(to be continued)


The theory of chinese medicine (tcm) - Qi, Blood and Fluid(2)



The Concept of Blood

Ancient Chinese people naturally couldn't have had any knowledge about red and white blood cells, protein, minerals or other substances . What is striking is the fact that their conceptions of blood were generally correct, albeit a little simplistic. They thought the blood is a kind of red liquid rich in nutrition, and it circulates through the blood vessels." As we are accustomed to contemporary and highly technological medicine, this kind of understanding seems to be very vague and even useless. However from my viewpoint,as a doctor who has treated many patients with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), this indication is enough to cure patients, and in that sense we can think of it as being accurate.



The Formation of Blood

Food essence , taken into the body and processed in the DAS (Digestive and Absorptive System), is the main source of blood. It goes up to the LIS (Lung and Immune System), where it's transformed into blood through the work of nourishing qi. Another source is "vital substance" which is stored in the KHS (Kidney and Hormonal System). It's also called "essence of life" or "spirit". Vital substance is transported to the bone, where it is turned into marrow. Then it is finally combined with "blood from food essence" to become true blood.


The Function of Blood

Blood is a substance that nourishes and moistens all the organs and tissues of the human body, and circulates through the blood vessels.


The Relation between Blood and Control Systems

The cooperative work of the HES (Heart and Emotional System), the LES (Liver and Emotional System) and the DAS (Digestive and Absorptive System) is indispensable for blood to circulate and perform its role.


HES (Heart and Emotional System) :

1.making blood circulating around the whole body

2.controlling blood circulation

LES (Liver and Emotional System) :

1.storing blood

2.regulating the blood flow

DAS (Digestive and Absorptive System) :

1.governing blood to prevent it from extravasating

2.transforming food into food essence, the source of blood