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Resolving Problem Hair Loss

Resolving The Problem Of Hair Loss

Age is not easy to conceal in fact most of the body organs might have the ability not to show how old one is, but the hair and the skin, no matter what you do, they will always show the age,
Avoid Damaging Hair Plate

How to Avoid Damaging Your Hair with the Plate

The natural hair is the dream of many women but few who are lucky enough to have them as well. To get a smooth and shiny hair is used for straightening plates, no doubt very useful and practical but also quite
Hair Care Chlorine Sea Salt

Hair Care in Case of Sea Salt, Sun and Chlorine Sea Salt

Free and uncombed hair styles and cuts to celebrate the summer Summer! Celebrate the season with a hot haircut that emphasizes the feeling of freedom and why not sensuality characteristic of these months. It’s time to change your look for excellence.
Hairstyle Long Hair Gels

A Custom Style and Hairstyle with Long Hair Gels

Garnier Fructis Style range The Garnier brand offers a range of styling products with the ability to create hairstyles that take 24 hours. Camouflage Gel Tube based acacia is ultra fix ant. This treatment is undetectable for a natural look. It
Style Curly Hair

How to Style Curly Hair

The curly hair are often very difficult to comb and the reason may be in the wrong actions that each of us can commit, even unknowingly, at times, causing loss of elasticity and volume to the hair itself. In fact, in
Wavy Brushing On Top

The Wavy Brushing to Be On Top

What is the wavy brushing? The brushing is a wavy hairstyle that accentuates femininity. Giving a glamorous woman who adopts it is to stiffen the hair and the shape of the waves to get more or less marked. The hairline remains